OpenStack community training

The OpenStack community training project  has been working since July 2013 to provide a structured training program to enable skill development for maintaining, consuming, and contributing to OpenStack. Continue reading “OpenStack community training”

OpenStack Community Developer Training, part 1 of 3

This the first of postings in a three part series.

Refer back to my previous posting for background on the community training project.

This training material will be roughly similar to getting a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Difficult for the average person without some serious effort.

This graphic is something the guys from NexusIS and myself created a few weeks ago. The community training guides focus on the left side of the pyramid. The OpenStack distributions utilize the community training guides and add in the right side of the pyramid which is their specialization or IP.

Continue reading “OpenStack Community Developer Training, part 1 of 3”

06 mar 2014 OpenStack SFBay user group meetings

We held another hackathon last night. We focused on finishing the developer training guide design. We brainstormed some on lowering the barrier to participating in OpenStack. I discussed the stackforge Storyboard project impact on doing just that. The meeting results went into the design gdoc and storyboard.
Anyone that wants to join in creating the training guides is welcome to. Find out how here.
The developer training guide design details are here.

Thanks again to Mirantis for running the beginner session in the next room. It was well attended and I got some positive comments on the way out.
When the Mirantis slides become available, they will be on slideshare.

For more details on how to join the OpenStack user group meetings, the details are here.

Another productive OpenStack board meeting

We reviewed the state of OpenStack. And it’s good!

We are not just a bunch of stats, BUT the average number of contributors is a very important stat. For reference, here is the Linux Kernel verses OpenStack monthly contributors graph (graph lifted from ohloh).



We discussed the foundation’s 2014 goals

  1. Improve the upstream software
  2. Continue to improve interoperability between upstream OpenStack and the downstream services that rely on them
  3. Grow the OpenStack service providers footprint globally

We went into details about the status of the trademark policy update. We have developed criteria and will start socializing soon.

We discussed third-party CI pipelines and OpenStack nova, cinder, and neutron drivers at length. The work of making driver testing mandatory is on schedule and will be mostly completed by Sept 2014.

Tim Bell and myself went over the Operators Summit held yesterday, 03 March 2014. The short of it is we need to train operators for contribution, developers need to communicate designs better, and the whole skill transition from release mentality to agile.  Raw notes here.

Toby Ford went over the Network Function Virtualization NFV project going on within the telecom industry. I am very interested in working with these guys to start integrating them into projects and starting some new ones.

That’s it other than the mandatory eating and drinking afterwards. We all parted friends and comrades until the next meeting just before the summit. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.