OpenStack Kilo Product Management Midcycle, Doorway to a Greater Understanding


Look to the previous post for background on OpenStack Product Management

OpenStack is a very active community. Bursts of change happen quite often and it can be difficult to keep up if you are not immersed. We need manage the flow of critical information and decision making just like any other engineering organization. The people that represent the Product Management of OpenStack are a critical group within the community. The next OpenStack Product Management meeting is scheduled to happen 26-27 January 2015 at VMware, Creekside A, 900 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA, 94304. Directions to VMware Palo Alto are here.
Anyone interested in participating can RSVP here.

There are many things to discuss. We have pulled a few important topics from the summit forward into this list. Some new issues to discuss, have bubbled to the top. The best topics are going to be about something we can do something about. e.g. Focusing more developers on a key blueprint for Kilo release, Major changes to the way the TC deals with projects. We have hour and half time slots for five major topics and one two hour breakout session. Let’s fine tune this list down to the five must important.

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The information above is pulled from the working agenda here.