Widening the Engagement of the Hidden OpenStack Influencers


This is a follow-up post to the OpenStack Hidden Influencers post.

After the OpenStack July Gold Membership meeting today, the problem of engaging the developer community line management seemed a bit clearer to me.

The Enterprise / OpenStack User Committee research that Intel has been spearheading is a useful model to copy for other verticals like Telecommunications and High Performance Computing. I expect we will see more focus on these other areas soon. Requirements for Enterprise adoption are being gathered for the summit. These requirements will go to the development teams. The communication will be through specs/blueprints and design sessions. Including the OpenStack Mid-Cycle Operators Summit. We need to also get the requirements to the development line management. Can it be as simple as a mailing list? I think so.

These all seem like known mechanisms that will be easy to explain and follow. New areas of focus like OpenStack and Media Production, copy what the Enterprise / User Committee did. New companies and new groups of developers getting involved, get on the mailing lists and projects just like normal. Full coverage without any new process or stuff. I will be following up on the OpenStack Community mailing list and through my comrades Allison Randal and Rob Hirschfeld. Unless something changes, expect a new mailing list for the developer line management by the end of the week.