Hidden Influencers

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5 Responses

  1. Debra says:

    I applaud your recognition that line management needs to be included as stakeholders in OpenStack release planning/communication. I would also encourage you to look at other “hidden influencers” who may fill similar or even expanded roles- such as program managers, inbound marketing or product managers, and the like. Many of these influencers are also defining requirements that are passed to you indirectly through the developers.

    • sarob says:

      Today we do have coordination around OpenStack marketing. I am not sure what in-bound marketing is though. If your program and product management is similar to what I am familiar with, these groups would work through the development line-management and marketing teams. Never the less, we aim to make small corrections rather than big changes. As we do a better job communicating with the line-management over the coming months, we can come back to if additional outreach is still necessary. Thanks for your comment.

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