OpenStack community training


The OpenStack community training project  has been working since July 2013 to provide a structured training program to enable skill development for maintaining, consuming, and contributing to OpenStack. We will align to the OpenStack Foundation certification program when announced. We are continuing to increase the accuracy and usability of the documentation and training by engaging with user groups and community members across the world. Through training we will continue to increase the number of skilled engineers and developers in the hiring pool for OpenStack operators and developers. We also want to enable underrepresented and possibly economically disadvantaged users groups and communities (Africa, Vietnam, and others) to develop valuable and marketable skills. We are targeting the user groups and university audiences first as that seems to give us the greatest momentum and return on our time invested. Commercial interests are encouraged to use and contribute to the training project. We have partnered with Aptira and are interested in more partnerships. We expect many commercial training programs can use this project for the ‘core’ of their training. It will only improve the quality of the content.

The published OpenStack community training project content can be found here. For more information on the getting involved with the OpenStack community training project, here is the OpenStack wiki that links to all the development materials.

### Update 10 March 2014 ### I’ve added some material on the Developer Training Guide.