OpenStack Community Developer Training, part 1 of 3


This the first of postings in a three part series.

Refer back to my previous posting for background on the community training project.

This training material will be roughly similar to getting a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Difficult for the average person without some serious effort.

This graphic is something the guys from NexusIS and myself created a few weeks ago. The community training guides focus on the left side of the pyramid. The OpenStack distributions utilize the community training guides and add in the right side of the pyramid which is their specialization or IP.

Before closing the gap on OpenStack knowledge with deep diving on APIs and fully understanding the CI pipeline, we need to get the operator or developer to a middle ground where they are ready to be taught agile development. Depending on the operator or developer background, getting to the point where this material would be useful could be days or months.

The next post will outline the structure of the developer training guide.

More details on the ongoing work is found here in the design gdoc. The developer training guide so far is found here.