I need some data from the OpenStack user group leaders


As part of the OpenStack ambassadors program, we are compiling user group data. To better track how we’re doing worldwide, I need to get a few details about how your OpenStack user group has been doing in the past half-year. We are getting this data from everyone around the world to make our first “Regional Activity Report”. Most of the information compiled will be available by the Juno summit.

Forward your responses to me or comment below.

  • Your take on the ‘state’ of OpenStack in the region.
  • Information about any notable activities or events that you’ve conducted, including any data you have on how many attendees you’re getting in your meetups. I use the past meetup history and meetup stats “Total and Active Members” graph.  You may have another way of getting the information.
  • Any good/recommended speakers that you’ve had. Speakers are in short supply around the world, so we want to start tracking them.
  • Any notable deployments in your area, or information about what kind of deployments you’ve seen.
  • Any consistent feedback you have about OpenStack. Even negative stuff.  You can use the Operators Summit etherpad to jog your memory. https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/operators-feedback-mar14