Publishing the First Revision of the Open Source Index

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We have been discussing at OSI over the past year to create a Public Policy project. The idea is to create and manage an inventory of adopted policies, best practices, documentation, and general knowledge to support individuals and organizations with an interest in or responsibility for creating and implementing effective policies in the adoption of free […]

ODI User Story – A New National Standard

Open Data

From Worst to First The U.S. Public Research Interest Group (PIRG) is a federation of state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) that annually publishes a report rating all 50 US states on providing online access to government spending data. This report is widely used as the best assessment available on state financial transparency. In 2013, […]

Check Out The Open Data Initiative

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Open Data image by Descrier, CC BY 2.0 I have been working  on the Open Data Initiative open source project focused on government financial transparency since this summer with the good people of Lincoln Network. Why Government Transparency? Transparency is a core principle of a modern government. We the people ask for accountability by understanding what our […]

Stop the Engineering Tug of War with an Open Source Office

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What is an Open Source Office Every commerical company has a engineering organization. Commerical engineering standard practice is to develop everything in private. However, times have changed and every company has some open source use and/or development going on. The use of open source without formal engineering support causes an unnecessary tug of war for […]

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Volunteering at the 2017 SFBay ACT-W conference

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What Was This I had the privilege of volunteering for the Open Source Initiative (OSI) table at the ACT-W conference at Galvanize, San Francisco this last Saturday with Erich Clauer and Zachariah Sherzad. It was an event focused on giving women the best information on advancing in technical careers. Keynotes and talks sounded excellent on […]